"The Yusuri is a tree
that grows on the sea floor with trunk and branches without leaves.
It's alive and to cut it you have to find when it sleeps.
A Yusuri, big as a platanos tree, located in the Gulf of Volos.
This Yusuri is haunted.
Only a sponge diver, once, managed to cut only a branch from it.
When someone is very sad and hold it, it pops. Then again inspire".

Well, as Yusuri enchants,
Music enchants too...

And as Miles Davis said...

"Good music is good no matter what kind of music it is"

tune in to Radio YuSuRi and enjoy the best music in the web from the past and present.

A nonstop parade through the musical waves of
world, jazz, rock, soul, funk, reggae, swing,
even through unexpected versions, remixes and remakes.

Hope you enjoy Yusuri's music!

Sophia Kostoula
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